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Criminal Law
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jailbars.jpg - 11494 BytesThe Dahar Law firm represents individuals in New Hampshire charged with Misdemeanors and Felonies.

Driving While Intoxicated, Criminal Threatening/ Restraining Order, Drug Possession, Domestic Violence,  and Felonious Sexual Assault are matters the firm has handled. 

Many of the criminal matters handled by the firm take place at the District or Municipal Court level and in the Superior or County Courts. 

The Firm has also represented Defendants in the United States Federal Court for the District of New Hampshire.handcuffs.PNG - 29167 Bytes

Fact:  A Criminal Defendant has no right in the State of New Hampshire to Pre-Trail discovery including depositions of the victims and eye witnesses in a misdemeanor case.  In order to take discovery Depositions in a Criminal matter the Defendant must meet a burden of showing the Trial  Court that there is necessity to take the deposition before a Motion For Discovery will be granted.  See State v. Rhoades, 139 NH 432 (1995).

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