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Family and Divorce Law  
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The Dahar Law Firm represents clients in New Hampshire in all family law matters including divorce, child custody, and domestic violence issues.  Simple uncontested divorces or difficult divorces involving issues of child custody and alimony are matters we can assist with.

We have also represented clients with regards to proving fault in a divorce as defined by the laws of New Hampshire.

Below are some of the frequently used terms when discussing family law issues with a lawyer in New Hampshire.    

Uncontested Divorce: If two spouses agree that a divorce is necessary and the terms of divorce can be amicably reached, a great deal of money can be saved by the parties if they proceed on an uncontested basis. This type of Divorce saves the parties money because much of the legal fees in a contested divorce are avoided and the parties are able to avoid unnecessary litigation costs. Generally in the New Hampshire courts only require thePetitioner to attend the final Divorce hearing.

Child Custody and Support: One of the most important issues in family law and divorce is child custody and support. Custody is determined by what is in the best interests of the child. There are many factors the Courts in New Hampshire consider in deciding custody issues and it is important that you have an attorney who can provide you with advise on these issues. Child support is mandated in the State of New Hampshire and determined by statute. Non-payment of support can lead to contempt of court.

Change in Circumstances:   If you have a change circumstances since your divorce was made final you can request additional relief from the Courts in New Hampshire. One common example is if you or your former spouse changed jobs and the change in income would either increase or decrease the child support amounts.

Note: Eleanor W. Dahar, Esquire in 1994 was the Governor of the State of New Hampshire's appointee to a legislative subcommittee charged with recommending changes to the child support laws in the State of New Hampshire. She often lectures on the subject of divorce and child support.

When To Consult An Attorney:   In New Hampshire, family law and divorce cases many times require legal consultation even before a Divorce is filed.  Issues such as assets of the marriage and potential orders from the court regarding child custody will change everything. Seek counsel from an attorney as soon as possible in order to protect yourself.  Attorneys can inform you of your rights under New Hampshire Law.   The Dahar Law Firm offers free consultations, just email us or call.

Domestic Violence - Restraining Orders: In New Hampshire, victims of domestic violence can petition a Court with jurisdiction for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to limit the abusive spouse's access to you. 

If you have a specific legal question regarding Family Law or Divorce in the State of New Hampshire email it to us, perhaps we can assist you.

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